Nicholas Roerich was as prolific a writer as he was a painter. He wrote books, poetry, and almost-daily commentaries on life and events (called Diary Leaves). While many of his Diary Leaves, letters, and lectures were collected into volumes and published, many have never been published.

Roerich’s poetry was translated by a friend of his, Mary Siegriest, and published in the United States in the twenties. After the major expedition during the years 1923 to 1928 through Central Asia, the Roerich family settled in Darjeeling, India, and in 1928 two co-workers from New York, Sina Fosdick and Frances Grant, went to Darjeeling and worked with Nicholas Roerich on the translations of at least two of his books, Altai-Himalaya and Shambhala. These were later published in New York. Other books were translated and published in India. For this reason, the quality of the translations is variable, but we are putting on line all of Roerich’s writings that have been translated into English, just as originally produced.

Some of these books have been unavailable for decades. They will therefore be new to many readers. It is our hope that bringing these volumes to light again will expand awareness of the vast range and depth of Roerich’s interests and insights into human nature and cultural history.